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Video 12: Bid Wizard – My Presentations

  • This guide covers how to turn your bids into presentations for customers using Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word documents.
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Ø  Login to your Market Xpert account

Ø  Click the Bid Wizard Button on the toolbar

Ø  Select any bid in the list by clicking the Bid ID

Ø  On the Bid Wizard Menu, click My Presentations

Ø  Click Create a Presentation File

Ø  Select the Presentation Output Type, PDF Document or Microsoft Word Document

·         PDF Documents are fixed and cannot be edited. Microsoft Word Documents can be edited

Ø  Select the Presentation Format Style. There are several to choose from and a View Sample link is provided

·         As a suggestion, use a bid with a small number of items and try all the formats to see which formats you want to use in your business

·         Additional formats may be added in the future

Ø  You can select a Presentation Sort Order or leave the sort in the "Original order of bid"

·         Sort options include by Manufacturer and Category

Ø  An Email Address for Notification box is provided if you want an email to be sent when your presentation is ready to download

·         Large presentations can take several minutes to create

Ø  For PDF type presentations, you can specify a Company Name for the Report and a Report Title

·         The text you enter here will appear as headings on the PDF presentation

Ø  For Microsoft Word format, you can edit these documents after they are created to add headings

Ø  Choose a Price Plan from the drop-down list to price your presentation

·         The Price Plan must already be created in Price Strategies. See Price Strategies – Introduction

Ø  When you select the Compare to Chain Format, you can also select the chain to compare to in the drop-down box

·         This is useful when your price plan is set up to match or beat a particular chain price

Ø  Once you have made your selections, click the Submit Button to create your presentation

Ø  You will be taken to the Presentation Output Files page while your presentation is created

·         You can log out and wait for the email notification if entered, or return later to check the progress of your presentation

Ø  Log back into your Market Xpert account

Ø  Click Bid Wizard on the Toolbar

Ø  Click the Bid ID you created your presentation from

Ø  Click My Presentations from the Bid Wizard Menu

Ø  Click Presentation File Outputs

·         A link to the last 5 presentations created with the most recent at the top is displayed

Ø  Click the file name link to download and save your presentation to your computer

Ø  You can optionally add Web Links to your Microsoft Word Presentations

·         Login to your Market Xpert account and click the Preferences button on the toolbar

·         Click the Site Options

·         Click WD – Presentations

·         Set the Presentation link type to Biggest Book

·         The Presentation link website seed should be blank for Biggest Book

·         Click the Save Options Button

Ø  Now your Microsoft Word Document presentations will be created with links to Biggest Book